Heading Upwards

We’ve officially been live for over a month now. Happy 1 month anniversary everyone! In that short period of time we have sold dozens of shirts (sold out twice!), interviewed multiple successful entrepreneurs and athletes, and grown our Ambassador program from nothing to something. Looks like there’s a lot of people out there that really want to Reach New Heights!

In the coming month we plan to step it up a notch, releasing brand new shirt designs, as well as possibly more products so you can complete your Elevated style. We’re working with other young entrepreneurs to help guide Elevated in the right direction, and give everyone the best brand possible.

When I launched Elevated last year, I was in over my head. I had an dream but no idea how to execute it, and our initial launch was a sub par event. So I shut it down and walked away. Elevated had the strong possibility to fade away into history, like most start up clothing brands do.

But in true Elevated spirit, I didn’t give up. Everyone needs some motivation to push themselves along in life, and I knew I could create something that would help both me and countless others go after their dreams. So me and my team spent countless weeks working on graphics, setting up shop, and printing out hand made shirts right here in our shop. We were in over our heads, and a bit scared to be honest.

Fast forward a month, and the community has blessed us more than we could have imagined. To everyone who has ordered a shirt, helped us get our name out there, or supported us in any way, this is the biggest Thank You I can give. Not only are you making a difference in our┬álives, but you’re telling our growing follower base they can achieve their dreams. Whether they want to start a company, achieve success as a star athlete, or rap and rhyme their way to stardom, they can do it with the support of their friends at Elevated Apparel Co.

So as we all head into the new month, ready to climb higher up the mountain, just know that we’re climbing right next to you, and supporting you all along the way.

Yours truly,

Josh Blackwelder




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