Motivation Vs. Discipline


Where are you right now? Not physically, but picture a mountain. At the summit are your goals, whatever they may be. How close are you to the top? Are you still at base camp formulating how to reach the top? Are you climbing up one of the many cliffs along the side? Or are you still at home, admiring the mountain in a brochure from the comfort of your couch?

We understand there are multiple ways to achieve success. For the sake of this blog post, we have boiled it down to two concepts: Motivation and Discipline. These two formulas are both a method for success, but each has it’s own strength and weakness. By the end of this post, we hope you’ll choose one and stick with it!

Let’s start with Motivation. This is the easy one. You see these all the time on our Social Media profiles. Motivation is the encouraging quotes and pictures that get you through the day, and give you a sense of determination that you’re going to make it in no time. Motivation is great because any one can do it, there’s thousands of Instagram pages out there that focus on nothing but motivation. But these helpful little words can only go so far. That’s where the discipline comes in.

See, motivation can encourage you to chase your dreams, but it can’t make you. That’s where the discipline comes into play. This is the hardcore method of grinding your way to success. If you’re a athlete, you know how hard practices are. You feel like you could pass out at any moment, yet the coach is screaming for five more reps. This is the true discipline. You’re breaking yourself down to build you up stronger.

There is no afternoon practices if you’re an entrepreneur or artist however. It’s all on you to discipline yourself. That means it’s all on you to put in the work. The thing you’re dreading doing? That thing is going to get you one step closer to the top of the mountain. There’s no easy way around it, you just have to discipline yourself to the point you are eager to tackle the next challenge and don’t have a problem doing so.

Motivation is good for a quick boost throughout the day, like a coffee in the morning. But Discipline needs to be the water of your success diet. Without it, you won’t get very far.


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