Take Action In Your Life

Most people just drift through life. Wake up, go to work, sit in traffic, and come home to only watch Netflix until they drift off to sleep, only to repeat the same process the next day. You do this until you’re 65, then BAM, retirement. Average life for an average person.

But think about it, this person probably has dreams. Maybe they want to become a professional author, and write the next big novel. Maybe they had the chance to become a star athlete, but opted instead to start working in an office.

Don’t live your life full of regret. It’s too short to not accomplish your goals and look bad and be proud of what you’ve created. Don’t retire and wish you had done something different, Do something different now.

Most successful people call this “taking action”. That means getting up and turning off Netflix, and working on your dream. Don’t wait for the right moment, because it will never come. Push yourself to start.

Now once you start, we’re going to be honest with you, you’re going to hate it. You’d much rather take a nap than go to the gym. You’d honestly prefer hanging out with your friends instead of working on your website. Remember, it’s the things that you don’t feel like doing that you need to do the most. These activities are what are going to get you where you want to be in life.

So starting right now, make a list of short term goals you’d like to accomplish in the coming months. Maybe it’s passing a class in college or losing 10 pounds by August. Whatever your goals are that are always in your head, write them down.

Next, make another list of HOW you will accomplish this goals. Devote 10 hours a week to studying so you can successfully pass that class. Go to the gym every other day to work out. Once you get in a routine, you won’t hate it as much, and before you know it; you’ve made it. Success!

Stop waiting for the perfect moment to start because we’re here to tell you; it’s never going to come. If you truly want to achieve something great, you have to get up and go chase it.

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