About Us



A Brand For The World Changers

We all have dreams. Everyone has something they want to accomplish in life. And everyone is different; some want to start a business and change the world, some want to become the best athlete they can be, some want to create music for everyone in the world to enjoy. No matter what your goals are, you always need some motivation to keep moving forward. That’s where we come in. We want you to accomplish your goals, and look stylish doing it. Our custom made apparel inspires the artists, the musicians, the entrepreneurs to Reach New Heights, and serves as a reminder that with the right mindset, you can move mountains. It’s time to Get Elevated.

Our Founder

Josh Blackwelder / Founder and CEO


The idea for Elevated came to me after a hiking trip to the Appalachian mountains near my home. Upon arrival, the shear size of the mountain was intimidating, and I knew it would take all day to conquer. And it did. After hours and hours of climbing over rocks, through trees, and helping my friends along the way, we finally reached the top. It was a clear day, and you could see for miles. I was in awe of the amazing sights, and dawned on me that this view was well worth the struggle. I then began to realize this is similar to the life of an Entrepreneur. You’re going to struggle, fall, maybe even want to quit from time to time. But if you keep pushing yourself just a little more, eventually you will reach the top, and the reward will be well worth the journey.